"The Lighting of the Beacons" is the nineteenth scene featured in the extended edition of The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

The Return of the King scenes
The Finding of the RingJourney to the Cross-roadsThe Road to IsengardThe Voice of SarumanReturn to EdorasGollum's VillainyEowyn's DreamThe PalantírArwen's VisionThe Reforging of NarsilMinas Tirith (Scene)The Decline of GondorCross-roads of the Fallen King"The Deep Breath Before the Plunge"Minas MorgulSam's WarningPippin's TaskOsgiliath InvadedThe Lighting of the BeaconsThéoden's DecisionThe Fall of OsgiliathThe Wizard's PupilThe Stairs of Cirith Ungol"Courage is the Best Defense"Peregrin of the Tower GuardAllegiance to DenethorThe Parting of Sam and FrodoThe Sacrifice of FaramirMarshalling at DunharrowAnduril - Flame of the WestAragorn Takes the Paths of the Dead"No More Despair"Dwimorberg - The Haunted MountainThe Muster of RohanThe Paths of the DeadThe Siege of GondorThe Corsairs of UmbarShelob's Lair (Scene)Merry's Simple CourageGrond - The Hammer of the UnderworldThe Tomb of the StewardsBreaking of the Gate of GondorThe Choices of Master Samwise GamgeeDenethor's MadnessThe Witch King's HourThe Ride of the RohirrimThe Pyre of DenethorThe Battle of the Pelennor FieldsA Far Green CountryThe Nazgul and His PreyThe Black ShipsShieldmaiden of RohanVictory at Minas TirithThe Passing of TheodenOaths FulfilledThe House of HealingsPippin Looks After MerryThe Tower of Cirith UngolThe Last Debate (Scene)Aragorn Masters the PalantirThe Captain and the White LadyIn the Company of OrcsThe Land of ShadowThe Mouth of SauronThe Black Gate OpensI Can't Carry It for You... but I Can Carry YouThe Last MoveMount Doom"The Eagles Are Coming"The Crack of DoomSauron DefeatedThe End of All ThingsThe Fellowship ReunitedThe Return of the King (Scene)Homeward BoundThe Grey Havens (Scene)
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